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You are NOT in control

You are NOT in control

We have no control. None, zero, zip, nada, zilch – yep, you heard that right, NONE. You are NOT in control.

Future of our country?

We just went through a whirlwind of a year where the election coverage has bombarded our everyday lives. From TV, to social media, to billboard advertisements, to mailing advertisements, to protestors – the coverage has been overwhelming. For those that voted, they represented a country divided on who was to become our President and on November 8, 2016, the decision was made. Now the citizens of the United States are left to decide where we go from here. Already decisions are being made by the President elect that will affect our future for the next four years, leaving the New Year a fraught for many. What does the future hold for our country, more specifically, the economy?

Personal Economic Situation

The US economy’s health is based on a lot of different factors and one of them is legislation.

We have no control over the decisions Congress and the President elect make. One comfort that still remains is that while we are powerless over their decisions; we still maintain control over ourselves! We, the People, can take charge of our own personal economy regardless of what choices the government makes about our future. We cannot control the ups and downs of the economy; however, we can choose the outcome of our own personal economic situation. We can make our money work for us even in the uncertainty of our country’s economy.

Freedom Is The Key

I want to challenge you to make your money work for you by choosing freedom - freedom from car payments, credit card payments, mortgage payments, loans from family. You have the ability to move from making payments to other companies to making them to you. Think of yourself as you would a corporate business. A business has a board of directors, a mission statement or vision, financial plan, tracks financial plan to actual and lives out the mission of the company day after day. You can move from making payments to other companies to investing in your own life to enjoy true freedom. Freedom from the uncertainty is more than just saving for a rainy day but it is freedom to choose the job you love, freedom to move anywhere your heart’s desire, freedom to change careers – it’s personal to you but freedom is freedom.

What is Freedom?

The Oxford Dictionary defines freedom as “the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.” The word “power” holds strength and I want you to feel that power when it comes to your life & money. Money can give you the power to be free. Not a power that has been misused for evil, but more of a rising up power that can move from restriction to freedom. Personally, I was in a job in my early twenties that restricted me from living an authentic life I could be proud of. I was living out someone else’s dream in the town we lived. I began to dream of the life I wanted, while still working at the “life sucking job.” I began to create a money plan to start living the life that would bring me life of full excitement. By living out that plan, my husband and I started working on getting out of debt. Because the Universe listened to our action, the wheels started spinning faster than any of our efforts could have. We found a place to live in a magical setting of which we feel lucky to live each and every day. I am now beginning to feel like my authentic life is happening and it is all because I decided to use my money to fuel my dream life.

Feel the Freedom

What does freedom feel like?

  • Freedom feels like fresh rain hitting your face while your arms are spread wide open taking in all the goodness life has to bring.

  • Freedom is having the time to garden and see the beauty in watching each stem grow.

  • Freedom is walking outside enjoying the breeze through your hair and being present in the NOW.

  • Freedom is saying good-bye to jobs that don’t serve our soul.

  • Freedom is having schedules where we can relax, love and rest.

  • Freedom is feeling safe and secure even when the economy is or could be unstable and insecure.

Take action

If you are not feeling freedom today, whether from your own personal economic situation or the unknown of our country’s economic future, I come with a message of hope. Hope that a brighter future is upon us and ready for us to take action. This action doesn’t need to make big waves in your life. In a few instances it can but the majority of the action steps we take are small, consistent steps toward our dream life. If we work at our money over and over and come back at it the next day, and again, then we are saying to the Universe we mean business – the business of You. We mean business to get our financial house in order. We can start to get it in order by clearing out clutter of your work space, finding an accountability partner who will tell you the truth in love, begin to envision your dream life, create a money plan to start moving in that direction, and work with a money coach to walk along side this path to Dream, Plan, Live NOW. Don’t give up! Begin a life of financial freedom today where you are in control of You!

Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all. - Dale Carnegie

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