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Don’t save for retirement!

Don’t save for retirement – really, I’m 100% serious. Why would I want you to stop saving for retirement? Who in their right mind would give the advice to stop saving money? Am I really saying not to save for retirement or I am challenging the notion of waiting until some future date to live out your dream life. Why wait until you get past a certain age to enjoy life?

Over and over we hear messages of how important it is to save for retirement. I met a financial advisor who was more concerned with my disposable income than whether or not the job I was in was tolerable. He didn’t care if my job sucked the life out of me, just as long as I had a consistent, reliable paycheck to fund into my savings. What was the point? I hear of stories where people don’t make it to retirement. They get sick, they die in a car crash, or they are in the wrong place at the wrong time and they don’t make it. They don’t make it to the time in their lives where they were supposed to experience joy and relaxation.

Let’s not wait for some future date to live our lives. I want to challenge you to change the idea of saving for retirement as your savior and look to starting your dream life NOW. Plan your money around your exhilarating life you deserve and kick the old idea of “retirement will save me” out the window. Dream, plan, live the beautiful life calling you NOW.

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