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Jump, Feet First

Taking the plunge into your dream life is scary.

Sometimes taking the plunge is terrifying, especially since you may not know what you’re jumping into.

What does it mean to jump?

It means you are tough - tough enough to look around, see everyone standing by,may even have naysayers taunt you and you still look at fear straight in the face and continue to prepare yourself to jump.

The naysayers may warn you not to jump -

“It’s too deep”

“Too scary”

“You don’t know what you are in for”

You may stand on the edge, all alone, and choose to do it anyway.

Isn’t life more about adventure than about staying safe?

I challenge you to stand at the edge of the water, take a gulp of courage, eyes wide open to enjoy every minute of the experience, stop all the chatter in your brain and ….


Are you to ready to plunge feet first into your dream life? Freedom is waiting for you.

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