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Money Does Grow on Trees

You may have heard the old saying that “money doesn’t grow on trees.” This phrase has been used to explain how money is limited and is not readily available at a moment’s notice. However, I am here to debunk that myth. Money does grow and it grows in abundance. It technically does not grow on trees, but rather from plants. The US dollar is comprised 75% linen and 25% cotton, both of which are derived from plants. What do we know is true about plants that is the same for trees? They are both living organisms that require water, soil and sun to grow. The key word is they grow. The growth they experience is exponential. The plant produces its harvest and then the seed is re-harvested to grow more plants and the cycle continues over and over with no end in sight. It overflows with life, rebirth and growth. Just as plants have the capacity to grow without end, so does our money.

Money is not linear – we are not set with one amount forever and ever and that is what we are stuck with. No, our money is as much as we will it. Like plants, money does grow as much as we want. You just want to make sure we don’t get in the way of limiting the potential for growth by being negative or ignoring the signs for growth.

I want you to try an experiment for a week to prove money can grow for you. Every day for a week, I want you to try a money growth affirmation - “I create unlimited amount of income for my needs, wants and desires.” While saying the affirmation daily, I want you to feel happy. Yes, happy – even giddy (it is ok to fake it at first). Be happy even if your present circumstance would make you think otherwise. Throughout the week pay attention to the signs the “Universe” gives you. Examples of signs may be that you find money you didn’t know you had or you are given gifts that you weren’t expecting. Signs are everywhere and waiting for you to see them. Once you receive them, thank the “Universe” for increasing your income.

Remember: money does grow; we just need to nourish it with positivity and gratitude along the way.


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