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Spending Fast – You In?

This coming Tuesday, October 10th, join me and friends to take on the no spend challenge. For one day, we will stop spending to retrain our brain from automatic spending. Instead of making permanent changes to spending, a spending fast is a temporary fix of the incessant need to spend. A long-term fast is too laborious for anyone to attempt so we will take a “one day at a time” approach.

Here’s how it works:

For just one day, stop all spending.

No gas

No food

No clothing

No restaurants

No coffee shops (I know this is a tough one)

No Target (I know this is a tougher one)

You will want to prepare in advance to make sure you are not without any necessities. Make sure to let family & friends know so they can better support your efforts.

For those on Twitter and want the support, follow me @jennjaime1, use the hashtag #NoSpendDay. Let’s do this together and support each other on this day of fast!

Read more about the spending fast and other ways to increase your income in my new e-book Money Does Grow on Trees – 12 Steps to Increase Your Income.

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