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Patience Sucks

Be patient, really? Ughhh…

If I hear one more person tell me to be patient, I’ll just (insert expletive here)! I’m not sure what I’ll do but I am sure it involves me doing something that I will regret, but laugh about later. I sometimes feel like Veruca Salt from the movie, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, yelling at everyone in an English accent (a really bad one at that), “I want a golden ticket, Daddy, and I want it now.”

We live in a NOW society.

Businesses are created around convenience.

Our culture has quick checkout lanes at the grocery stores.

Writing checks are a thing of the past (c’mon – who has time to write a check anymore).

It is the “now” mentality that gets us every time.

I can’t watch a video longer than 3 minutes due to impatience.

Food should be easy, quick and tasty.

Slowing down or even waiting is hard.

It is hard not because I am impatient (ok, maybe I am a little bit) but because of the reassurance from society that my behavior is acceptable.

Our culture reassures me it is ok to be impatient.

I am all about personal responsibility but when you get positive reinforcements over and over again, then it should be ok, right?

Not exactly.

Impatience leads to unwise decisions.

We want our money to appear quickly so we buy the latest “get rich quick” seminar that is sure to move us to millionaire status in no time.

We rush through spending not knowing the price, not knowing why we need it, not knowing if we already have a duplicate one at home.

We rush, rush, rush and next thing we know it our money wellness spins out of control.

I haven’t figured out how to have more patience. I meditate just to get my daily dose of sanity. Meditation doesn’t take my impatience away, it just brings my chill factor down a notch to walk about in normal society (without it I’m Animal, from the Muppets, running around mad).

I do know that slow and steady wins the race every time.

I do know that if we just take the next right step toward our money wellness, then we win.

We may not be millionaires but we will have exactly what we need at the very right moment.

While patience does suck, we can remember to slow it down and repeat the mantra, “slow and steady wins the race.”

Want to slow it down for just one day? Join me and friends for a one day Spending Fast. We will take a day to retrain our brain from spending and have a #NoSpendDay. Click on the link to join us in November.

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