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Lots of changes happening…

We have been busy in the background working on lots of fun projects but wanted to let you all know of some important changes. I will still be leading and managing the company but we are changing the name to Prosper Global. This expansive approach allows us to reach a bigger audience and allows our team to grow. We hope you enjoy the new webpage and all the new ways you can plug in.

Our mission: We want to be more transparent in our approach and what we believe in as a company. We are mission-based, where the goal is to give away a portion of our proceeds (for every offering) to a charity. Goodwill Central Texas will be the charity for the upcoming retreat held in Wimberley, TX , The Prosperity Women’s Retreat.

Our vision: Leading the world in LOVE to educate on money literacy for empowerment, self-confidence, and independence; creating a ripple effect for generations to come. In addition to our mission, we bring a holistic approach, integrating the mind, body, spirit approach to money.

Our services: Our services are the same - money coaching, employee wellness programs, speaking and the Prosperity Women’s Retreat. Coming soon is our first podcast and I am excited about our first guest (news to follow)! We also offer money coaching tips on social media so if you haven’t already followed us, join us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

How you can support me and the team? Plug into our mailing list and get all the latest happenings at Prosper Global.

As always, feel free to reach out to me and the team should you need anything.

With much love and gratitude,


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