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Am I Stuck?

I understand what it feels like to be stuck. It is a stifling feeling that creeps in and makes its home in your life. Over time, being stuck can seem normal. The more time the feeling is with you, the less likely you are to question it or believe you can change it. There was a time when we had so much debt, I didn’t know how to get out of it other than stay in a job I didn’t like. I felt “stuck” to stay in order to meet all of my payments month after month. The pressure to get out from under the weight of this debt was so intense, I felt as if I didn’t have any choices.

Are you questioning if you’re stuck? Below is a quick self-assessment to help you determine if, like me, you might be stuck.

Am I Stuck? Self-Assessment

Do you dread Monday’s at work?

Do you dread talking about your money situation?

Do you not have enough time in the day to work on your money goals?

Do you have clutter?

Do you lack the energy to create life goals that excite you?

Think about how you answered each of those questions. Are there places in your life where you may be holding yourself back, feeling like you have no choices and ultimately stuck? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, it may be an indication you may be stuck.

Being stuck is not a hopeless situation. It’s temporary and you do have the ability to change it. In order to move past this, it does require an effort on your part. Taking action moves you from being stuck to a space of positive, forward motion. This new space can bring you excitement and joy beyond belief. It doesn’t mean things are perfect, it means you are living a life that is authentic to you.

Getting unstuck is hard. It’s scary. And, you may be unsure of how to start. But I can assure you that you are worth the time and effort it takes to create a better life for yourself. Financial freedom can give you choices so you can avoid getting stuck again. If you find you need support along the way, I am here to help guide you. You can do this.



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